Good Day

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ebrahim Sampson, the owner of Ammonite Broadcast (PTY) Ltd trading as AB Technical Solution, a Level 1 BBEEE certified company.

I am a supplier of radio and broadcast equipment, with full technical support guaranteed. With over 26 years experience in radio broadcast, transmission, sound engineering and studio building experience, I would like for you to consider my services for any and all of your technical needs.

I come from two legacy companies, both known for being at the vanguard of broadcasting in their respective fields.  With my last employer, we have managed to build and install over 150 radio stations throughout South Africa and Africa at large. Each station, some deeply situated in rural areas with many only having the most basic infrastructure, came with their own challenges, which we overcame through hard work, innovation and sheer determination. Other than radio installations, we also did cinema building and installation. 

I would love to continue this legacy, and with my knowledge and experience I will be able to meet your requirements in this regard.  I am available for a personal one on one meeting to discuss your requirements at your convenience.